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Book No. 1: What To Do When You Are Sad

This book is a brief collection of insights on what to do when you are sad. Inside are 50 people's responses to the question "What do you do when you are sad?"


Book No. 2: Ron Carlson 2004

In 2004, Ron Carlson was driving to DeLand, FL from Ft. Meyers, FL when he decided instead to drive north until his 1988 Toyota pickup truck broke down or until the road ended. This book is a collection of memories from Ron Carlson's journey to the end of the road. Written and illustrated by Baylor Watts in 2017.


Book No. 3: From the Grave

A compilation of wisdoms, humors and musings shared via tombstones, for the people still living who need a little guidance from those who have lived and learned.